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It is known that many businesses allow their employees to work from home a few days per week. It's convenient for business owners, because it increases loyalty, and it's beneficial for employees as well.

Still, some people use these "work from home" days to work from their favorite coffee shops, for example. This may pose security risks, because most of these hotspots are open, meaning that they don't require any password.

"As people join an open hotspot, their devices become elements of the same network, so their shared resources can be accessed by anyone", states George Hardesty, CEO of Data Alliance.
How to protect private company data while using public hotspots
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How to set up File and Printer sharing in Windows
Sometimes, small companies are forced to use peer-to-peer networks, because they can't afford to buy a centralized server. It's a solution that works fine for teams of five people or less, even though it's not one that we'd recommend.

Servers are built with reliability in mind, for example. If your key company data resides on a standard computer, you may discover that it was lost because the standard hard drive that was storing it got damaged.

Servers also have many useful features you won't find in a regular computer, such as redundant power supplies or hot module swapping. You can see why servers are definitely a much better option, and now that we have gotten this out of our way, let's see how you can set up peer-to-peer file and printer sharing.
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Keep your Wi-Fi network secure using these seven quick tips
Wi-Fi networks have the potential of increasing business profitability. It is much easier and faster to have access to any company file wirelessly, without having to plug your device into the local area network.

Yet, Wi-Fi networks can also open the door for people who are interested in stealing your company's data and commercial secrets. "As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace", according to Newton Lee.

Here are seven tips that will increase Wi-Fi network security.
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